Sunday, July 8, 2007

Afrikan Adventure: The Mid Bleak Winter

It is official that I have become a big baby when it comes to cold as this past week I found myself dawning my long johns thrice times and wearing layer upon layer to bed. It is winter here in Zambia and my Canadian blood seems to have failed me...although I do come from the lower mainland, the "Africa of Canada" in terms of winter temperatures as I like to call it (actually, I've never called it that before...but I think it will catch on, just give it some time). This past week has been some of the coldest days I've experienced here in Zambia. Please don't be ashamed of me my Canadian brother/sisterhood, I'm doing all I can!

This past week Amber and I celebrated Canada day in style. I wore my Tim Horton's shirt all day long, Stephanie (my roommate) made us Canada Day Cupcakes, we handed out Canada pencils to kids, sung our anthem proudly to the netball girls, then had a maple syrup drinking contest...okay no maple syrup in Zambia but we would have if we could have. Speaking of Amber, it was a sad day on Wednesday when we bid her farewell as she made the trek back to Canada after 9 months in Malaysia and taking Zambia by storm. It was great to have her here, good times had by all. God really blessed me with the encouragement she was to me. And there may or may not be some video that I sent back with keep get ready...or don't cause I said maybe not...but really keep more towards the former!

Right now we have a group of 10 people from California with us so it has been a busy but good time of getting to know them and show them around Zambia and working with them in different ministries. There is a dentist on the team so this past week we had two dental clinics for the community and many, many teeth were "extracted". So that was awesome because it is nearly impossible for the poorer Zambians to ever get any kind of dental care. They didn't let me near the drugs or instruments so I sat with the people as they waited and chatted with them.

I met again with my new high school choir this past week...they came back which is always a good sign! And I continue to ride the mini bus...a little theft won't stop me! I've started lifting weights instead in preparation for another incident! Still no sign of the wallet. I meet some very interesting people on the bus and it's a good time to talk to people and learn more about the culture which is why I like it. Plus the thrill of wondering if the door will fall off or who's lap you'll be sitting on next adds to the experience. The other day I sat next to this sweet 80 year old man who offered to buy me an ice cream from the vendor outside the window.

Today we visited a compound church where one of the guys on the team preached. It was pretty fun...very lively. They had that keyboard a rockin' and the feet a movin'! There were 5 of us who went and they made us all sit at the very front. Then at the end of the service they brought us all up to stand on the platform and presented each of us with a medium sized plastic fish as a gift. That fish is so cool! I'll have to take a picture with us and our gift.

So that has been another week in and learning. God continues to be faithful. Thanks for your support and encouragement. I miss you all.

God Bless,

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