Thursday, July 12, 2007

Afrikan Adventure: Adventures of the Mini Bus

Have you ever had that sudden panicked yet sinking feeling while sitting on a mini bus in Zambia as you desperately search to find your wallet only to find the great abyss of nothingness in your bag and come to the realization you have lost your wallet? While neither had I until that fateful day we call yesterday, June 29, 2007. Amber and I had ventured into town on our old friend the mini bus. On the way in we had 22 people in a 12 seater! At the bus stations you usually wait until the bus is full before you go. So on the way home we got to the bus to find it empty which meant a nice wait for us. The beauty of this wait is that people come to your window trying to sell you such things as biscuits, candy, and men's underwear! So for our wait we purchased some biscuits which we shared with our new friends on the bus. To the man who tried to sell me the underwear I just looked at him and said in a confused tone: "I am not a man!". He left. So on this afternoon I took out my wallet to buy the oiliest samosa in the world and between that time and the time we left something happened and it was taken from my possession. It contained not only money but my credit cards, birth certificate, drivers license, care card, I had grown quite attached to that wallet. So now it is gone. Even though it is very frustrating to have to go through the hassle of replacing documents and loosing money it is a good reminder of what is really important to me and that I find my peace and joy in Christ and not in possessions and money. God is continually teaching me lessons, and usually I'm not sure what they are when the event occur but I know there has to be a purpose.

This last week has been good. Amber and I have had some adventures on mini buses and exploring the town. The other day we went to this market place called Soweto which is extremely crowded and crazy. We had our friend Sam show us where to it was a cool cultural experience. Then we men some new young friends at a pond near the farm where we chucked rocks into the water. I'll post pictures on the blog soon.

This week I also started a choir with the grade nines from the local school. The other day I went to the school to tell them about it and the headmaster introduced me and I will tell you that no joke of mine has ever gone over as well as the day I told the grade 9 class my full name. For some reason they found it hilarious. Then the headmaster told them that if they joined the choir with this "foreign talent" they could make millions and millions of Kwatcha (the currency here). Great! So we had about 18 show up on Thursday and we had a blast! We started learning a couple songs...they got quite into it and didn't want to leave, which was a nice sign. Then at the end I taught them how to do the wave. So I am looking forward to working with them more.

We have a team of 11 people coming today for three weeks so that should a fun yet busy time for us. Well, I need to get going...we have a hungry two year old here (and a twenty five year old). So I bid you adieu once more and wish you well back in the homeland. I miss you all.

God Bless,


"If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

~ Daniel 3:17-18

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