Thursday, September 27, 2007

Afrikan Adventure: Snake Holder…

The days roll forth with their every steady timing and it seems that October is just a hop, skip, and four days away. As many of you are embracing the new found days of fall here in Zambia my long john and sweater days are far behind me (although not Christmas sweater days…I will wear a good Christmas sweater no matter what the temperature if one can be found, perhaps it’s called “sweater” for a reason) as summer sets in here. I have been warned endlessly that October will be the hottest month, so come Monday I’m expecting something big, real big…and hot. I have also been told by several Zambians that on October 24th, which is Zambian Independence Day, the rains will come…always on October 24th. So needless to say my expectations for the month are pretty high.

I have been back to Kasupe several times to continue with the choir, bible study, and guitar lessons. I have also spent time walking around visiting people including several widows in the area that I have come to know. These are probably some of my favorite times here in Africa, just being able to walk the dusty roads removed from city life and visit with people, and it’s probably something I will miss the most going back home where I assume it won’t be kosher to spend an hour talking to someone while at work. Or just showing up on peoples doorsteps…although I may keep that up, so watch out! I have been visiting one elderly man who recently lost his wife (the woman I wrote about in previous emails), Mr. Chilenge, who yesterday asked me if I told people back in Canada about the people I met here and if I would tell you about him. I said yes. Mr. Chilenge lives in a small house in Kasupe and desperately misses his wife of 47 years. His own body is failing him as he has been ill recently, I think partly the result of a broken heart. He also misses his wife’s cooking as he made a comment that his son “just isn’t able to prepare things like she did!” You can see the weariness in his eyes as life on this earth becomes so cumbersome. We spent time talking about Jesus, Heaven, and praying.

Coming back to the farm and Kasupe now that I don’t live there has opened my eyes how much I unknowingly invested my heart there with all the relationships I’ve made. And coming back and having all these kids from all over the area shouting my name and waving, it somewhat overwhelms me. It makes me think that maybe all the time I thought I wasn’t doing anything and was “wasted” may not have been.

Life in the city is going well, I’m all settled into the new place with my new friend cockroaches. We have a good time. It’s great to be closer to everyone on the team. Life goes on as normal…if you consider finding cobra’s eating frogs in your yard as normal. Swift action was taken to defuse the situation. Here I thought that I was getting away from all this by moving into the city, but instead there are more things living here inside and out than I ever saw at the farm.

Speaking of snakes, which just happen to be a high ranking fear of mine, I did something most daring in nature this past weekend. I held in my hot little hands the cold blooded stylings of a python. Yes, I held a snake. It was a highly supervised affair. I believe I am now in high contention to be Steve Irwin’s successor. I was thinking instead of Crocodile Hunter I could be “Shannon Storey: Snake Holder…But Then Get’s Kind Of Freaked Out and Has to Put it Down.” I think it’s catchy. I will post the pictures on the blog as soon as I get them.

And that’s been a recount of day gone by. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I think you are awesome! Even if some of you who are reading this I have never met…I’m pretty sure that when we meet I’ll think you’re awesome. Thank you so much for your prayers and support…it’s what gets me through. All the best wherever this finds you. And please go out and enjoy the fall colours for me.



“We love because he first loved us.” ~ 1 John 4:19

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