Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Afrikan Adventure Commences!

I have successfully made it to Zambia!!! As did all my luggage...intact! It was a seemingly long journey. My flight from Toronto to London was good. I arrived on the plane to find a big, burly, bearded man who didn't speak English sitting in my seat. So I decided not to fight the matter and take a different one. All worked out fine. Then I had a lovely 12 hour layover in the London airport. I was told I couldn't get out of the airport without a visa...although I think that was wrong. Oh well. I spent many hours sitting and staring, walking and staring, staring at a book, staring at the clock...etc. Finally the flight from London to Lusaka arrived and I even managed to sleep and tiny bit on the ten hour flight. Although, note to self...stop eating the airline breakfasts! Things are sitting heavy in my stomach right now! I made it through immigration and customs fine and am now at "The Farm" which is the Action Zambia's property where I will be living in a hut with my friend Stephanie. How great is that...I live in a hut in Africa! We started orientation this morning right away and are just breaking for lunch right now. This still feels very surreal. Am I even here? It's pretty exciting. I'm a tad on the tired side right now, but my good friend caffeine will help get me through the day. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive and made it here safe and sound.

Reporting from Zambia,

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